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Architecturally Refined Pool Surfaces

Performance Mineral Technology

Nature shines brightest when it is brought to life by water and light. At pool surfaces the wonder and whimsy of nature is our primary source of inspiration for design. In keeping with that tradition, we are always searching for the highest levels of sensory and perception.

To understand the pool industry of today, we need to understand the 60 year evolution of the swimming pool plaster market. It began 6 decades ago when one company had an original idea to refine pool interiors with plaster. Pool plastering then expanded into a few hundred small companies, with close ties to one another, most grounded in a unique loyalty to this craft, who were committed to exploring, researching, improvising and developing their plaster into the architectural pool design feature it is today. At pool surfaces, our team of dedicated professionals research, develop and manufacture sustainable products in support of the tradecraft traditions of pool plasterers everywhere.




Pool Surfaces’ product Silicone Shield, patented in 1995, provides density and water repellency to our plaster and technically differentiates The Blue Terra plaster brand from others.
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Pool Surfaces will continue a eighteen year tradition of being the swimming pool plaster industry’s most prolific pool product designer, leading the industry in research and development, quality control of materials, and specification writing.


Pool Surfaces products have been used in award winning pools across the country. From residential to commercial our surfaces create the brilliant beauty and lasting finish that inspire timeless design.
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